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on-going stain resistance and prolonged life of the surface.

TSA use the finest in the world

AQUAMIX, a U.S based company , MARBLE MAGIK CORPORATION, an Indian enterprise, NANO4LIFE, based in Germany.

OXON TECHNOLOGY, a British company, PENETRON, a U. S company

Our Range Of Services


Natural Stone and Grout Restoration

  • Cleaners
  • Sealers
  • Problem Solvers
  • Maintenance

Tiles Restoration

  • Self-Cleaning Treatment

Glass and Metal Chrome Restoration

  • Self-Cleaning Treatment


Concrete Care

  • Crystalline Water-Proofing
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Concrete Crack Repair
  • Water-plugging

TSA-Maintenance & Stone Restoration

TSA offers excellent polishing effect on natural stone with anti slip effect with renewing the surface with original gloss and unifying the surface aspect. Stone Restoration bring back the life and beauty to dull, scratched or etched and neglected calcium-based natural stone.


Acid-based cleaners will slowly damage the appearance of calcium-based stone. The acid creates bigger pores for increased staining potential. It also chemically reacts with the stone causing damage and etching. Some household cleaners can be labeled “tile cleaner” or “all-purpose cleaner”, but can still be very acidic and will damage many types of stone and grout.

All TSA cleaners are non-acidic, they safely clean stone surfaces with formulas designed for both routine and heavy-duty cleaning.


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