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on-going stain resistance and prolonged life of the surface.

What is TSA Anti Slip Treatment and how does it work ?

This is an invisible floor treatment (not a coating), the effects of which can only be seen under a microscope. This chemical treatment alters the existing surface by creating thousands of micro-pores. When wet these micro-pores are filled with water and the pressure of footfall squeezes out the water creating hundreds of vacuum cups sucking the foot onto the surface thus radically reducing the possibility of the foot slipping.


  • Slip falls could cause head injuries, hip fractures, damaged spine and forearm which could be life threatening for elderly people
  • Most of the slip fall accidents in the home happen in bathrooms and kitchens
  • More than 40% of total accidents in the UK and India are associated with slip/trip falls
  • Slip-Falls kill more workers than all other combined forms of workplace accidents
  • Slip-Falls are the number one cause of accidents in Hotels, Restaurants and Public Buildings; 70% occur in flat and level surfaces
  • Slip-Falls are the leading cause of death in the workplace and the source of more than 57% of all disabling injuries


Residences Bathrooms, Bathtubs, Stairs, Washing areas, Kitchens, just outside the Entrance door, Shower area, Swimming pools, External Staircases, Balconies and so on.
Industrial Machine floors, Workshops, Walking passages, Common areas, Washrooms, Lobbies, Water stagnant areas, etc.
Corporate Offices Canteen kitchens, Staircases, Washrooms, Lobbies, Passages, Atrium, etc.
Hospitals Patient Wards, Bathrooms, Passages, Labs, Cafeteria, Reception, etc.
Hotels Shower cubicles, Bathtubs, Bathrooms, Swimming Pool Area, Kitchens, Washing areas, Staff Passages, Ramps with Human Traffic, etc.
Schools & Colleges Bathrooms, Passages, Canteens, etc.
Restaurants Kitchens, Washrooms, etc.
Shopping Malls Washrooms, Passages, Food Court and all Slippery areas
Swimming Pools Shower areas around Swimming pools, inside Children’s Swimming pools Clubs & Theme Parks Kitchens, Swimming Pools, Common Passages, Walkways, Washrooms, External Stairs, etc. Old-age Homes & Orphanages Bathrooms, Passages, Walkways, Common Areas, etc.
Sacred Places Assembly areas, Washrooms, etc.

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